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Finishing vibrators
with high capacity

Product overview Abrasive bodies

Finishing vibrators for round edges

Trowalizing, precision deburring and polishing with finishing vibrators by SIGG

SIGG Strahltechnik keeps finishing vibrators for trowalizing, precision deburring and polishing of steel-, non-ferrous metal- and plastic parts in batch processes in its portfolio. The principle of this process is as simple as efficient: Due to the high vibration frequency workpieces can be blasted without any deformations.

Finishing vibrators with high capacity

The finishing vibrator’s round container is made of especially abrasion-resistant plastic and is equipped with a sealed cover, a flushing device and a hose coupling. SIGG Strahltechnik delivers finishing vibrators with capacity of 8 and 28 liters. The workpieces and the abrasive bodies (so-called chips) are placed into the container of the machine. The adequate additives (compounds) are inserted accordingly. The finishing vibrator’s oscillating rotary movement results in a relative movement between workpiece and abrasive body. This again causes material abrasion at the workpiece, particularly at its edges. The surface appearance of the workpieces can be varied as required, depending on the machine and the abrasive.

SIGG Strahltechnik enables many processing aims

The guidelines for vibratory finishing are defined according to DIN 8589 under the term barrel polishing, as besides the grinding also lapping or polishing is possible, depending on the process. Finishing vibrators by SIGG Strahltechnik enable the following processing aims:

  • Deburring, edge rounding
  • Burnishing, smoothing, polishing
  • Descaling
  • Cleaning
  • Matting
  • Grinding

Less downtime due to rotary finishing vibrators

Edge rounding with finishing vibrators by SIGG Strahltechnik offers several advantages compared to manual processing: The longer service times reduce the downtimes, resulting again in smoother surfaces or edges at the workpiece. Manual post-processing is no longer necessary. If wood is processed it can be dyed immediately afterwards.

Vibratory finishing systems are supplemented with screening vibrators by SIGG Strahltechnik, recommended especially for solving difficult separation tasks, providing the separation of sensitive small parts and substrates. The simple screen exchange and the infinitely variable flow velocity of the bulk material allow easy handling.

You have questions concerning trowalizing finishing vibrators by SIGG Strahltechnik, or you are unsure which finishing vibrators meet your tasks? Then give us a call or write us. We look forward to advise you.