Improving industrial component cleaning and optimising production

Customised and flexible solutions with blasting systems – made in Germany

The pressure on the automotive industry and its supply chains is mounting every day. An ever widening range of models and short product life cycles create highly dynamic market conditions to which manufacturers will constantly have to adapt. Industrial component cleaning, for example, must be flexible and suitable for a wide variety of components, sizes and materials.

Automation for industrial component cleaning

In order to make production processes as efficient as possible, automation is a good solution – especially for larger volumes. SIGG blasting systems can be automated either fully or partially, and can thus make industrial component cleaning largely autonomous. Good prior planning is important because it allows SIGG experts to work with the customer to harmonise the relevant materials, their component geometry, the type of soiling as well as the blasting process and the suitable blasting plant. In addition to standard blasting systems, SIGG Strahltechnik also designs custom-built solutions for use in confined conditions or for precisely fitted integration of the blasting system into an existing production line. Industrial component cleaning is a cost factor which shouldn’t be underestimated. Around five per cent of total manufacturing costs are accounting for by cleaning for one piece of bodywork, for example. So harnessing automation in order to make the process more efficient will have an immediate positive impact on how value is created on production lines.

Determining the right blasting methods

The most suitable blasting method for industrial component cleaning can only be decided on a case-by-case basis. In principle, SIGG blasting systems are suitable for wet blasting, dry blasting, pressure blasting or industrial component cleaning in a vibratory grinder. Which one of these is best will depend on the size of the parts, the materials, as well as the degree and type of soiling. On request, sample parts can be blasted in the in-house SIGG test laboratory in order to devise the ideal industrial component cleaning solution. A range of different blasting media are also applied in order to determine the right product to use.

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