Specialist systems suitable for specialist production tasks or lines

The automatic continuous treatment system is the ideal solution for cost-efficient deburring, descaling or smoothing.

Reconciling larger volumes, higher time pressure and demands in a single operation for quality is not always easy. An automatic continuous treatment system, however, for blasting high numbers of identical workpieces, can achieve exactly that. The automatic continuous treatment system can be integrated perfectly into existing production lines. Depending on the degree of quality required on the surface, the belt speed can be adjusted to the speeds of surrounding units. Depending on the workpiece involved, the surface finish required and the blast agent used, the continuous treatment system is able to deburr, descale, smooth, derust, clean or roughen. The automatic continuous treatment system is especially ideal for blasting large workpieces.

Work schedule creation: automatic continuous treatment system keeps throughput going

The creation of work schedules for rational and cost-efficient production is becoming increasingly important. The more up-to-date the planning data, the more transparent the organisation of workflows and structure, and therefore the shorter the job throughput time. The automatic continuous treatment system takes account of this and ensures maximum throughput with minimum input from staff. Depending on the setup of the production line, workpieces can also be brought and transported away, thereby ensuring a constant flow of material.

Not sure whether an automatic continuous treatment system is right for your business? Then contact us. We have a lot of experience, and we’d be happy to advise you since no two jobs are the same. The decision regarding whether an automatic continuous treatment system is right for you depends on the volume, quality, material and degree of automation involved with your production. Together, we can plan your layout and, in our test laboratory, determine which blast method, which pressure, which blast agent and which system best matches your ideas.

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