Barrel Finishing Means Vibratory Finishing for Surface Treatment

C.K. Walther was the first to use this industrial method.

The terms of barrel finishing and vibratory finishing are often used synonymously. C.K. Walther was the first entrepreneur to use barrel finishing for industrial applications. Barrel finishing is also called trowalling after him –TROmmel WALther. Trowalling still is a word mark subject to specific license conditions. It means vibratory finishing of mostly metallic materials.

What is barrel finishing, vibratory finishing or vibratory chip removal?

DIN 8589 defines the procedure and calls it vibratory chip removal. Depending on the processing method, chip removal, lapping or polishing may be applied as well as grinding. Generally, barrel finishing or vibratory finishing can achieve the following results:

  • Grinding
  • Smoothing
  • Polishing
  • Matting
  • Deburring
  • Detindering
  • Edge bevelling
  • Cleaning, degreasing, deoiling

Vibration systems for optimal results

Vibratory finishing or barrel finishing is a mass procedure: The workpieces, abrasive bodies and additives are poured into a barrel. The finishing vibrator is made of plastic and sealed with a lid. The barrel's movement causes friction between the workpieces and the abrasive bodies to process the workpiece surfaces from all sides as desired. The abrasive bodies may have different shapes and can be made of various materials. Shape and material are coordinated with the workpiece and the desired final result.

Shake once more – the SIGG screening vibrators

After vibratory finishing, the container will hold abrasive bodies and workpieces as well as liquid. The liquid can be drained and rinsed off easily – but how to separate the solids from each other? This difficult separation task can be handled by SIGG screening vibrators. Even sensitive bulk material can be gently separated from the abrasive bodies this way and will then be available again for further processing.

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Barrel finishing by SIGG Strahltechnik

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