The surface is determining
the blasting principle.

Wet blasting systems

The surface is determining
the blasting principle.

Injector blasting systems

The surface is determining
the blasting principle.

Vapour blasting principle

Blasting Systems for Cleaning Injection Moulds in Foundries

Optimal results with light-weight blasting agents such as nut shells

SIGG Strahltechnik has implemented the procedures for rational surface processing in efficient plants, specifically for the subject of blasting systems for foundries. The injection mould will not be available for blasting while it is being cleaned. High-performing blasting systems for foundries therefore keep cleaning times low and thus achieve savings. SIGG Strahltechnik offers compact hand-blasting machines that are filled with a light-weight blasting medium such as nut shells or nylon granulate and that gently remove casting residues from the injection moulds. The procedure is also suitable for continuous systems in case of larger piece numbers. Special systems can be adjusted to the needs of the production process and integrated into automated production.

Desanding workpieces with blasting systems for foundries

The workpieces as well as the moulds must be cleaned after production in foundries. Desanding and detindering are some of the tasks of blasting systems for foundries. Quality control of workpieces best takes place after desanding and detindering in blasting systems. Moulding sand is important for the workpiece to come out of the mould easily and completely after casting. In the further production process, however, "sand in the gears" is not desired – not only in the automotive industry. Therefore, the blasting systems for foundries have an essential task in desanding and detindering. Integrating this production step into the foundry saves travelling times and costs for desanding.

The matching blasting systems for foundries by SIGG

SIGG Strahltechnik offers many different blasting systems. Various blasting procedures and blasting media are used for this. Workpieces of different sizes and shapes, as well as of various materials, can be processed with the matching procedure from case to case. The plants needed for cleaning plastic injection moulds are different from those for desanding of large cast metal parts. Rely on the experience of SIGG: We will find the right blasting systems for foundries.

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