The surface is determining
the blasting principle.

Wet blasting systems

The surface is determining
the blasting principle.

Injector blasting systems

The surface is determining
the blasting principle.

Vapour blasting principle

Manual blasting cabins with height adjustment

Ergonomic working heights for different body sizes

Trying to design workplaces as ergonomically as possible is not a new thing. Implementation in the factory is often difficult, because the systems are not aligned for individual adjustment. The SIGG manual blasting cabins with height adjustment not only ensure optimal blasting results, but also ergonomic workplaces. The manual blasting cabins can be adjusted smoothly in height. Setting is easy so that every employee can choose the right height for his body size before starting work.

Ergonomics – what is part of it?

The term of ergonomics means "science of the laws of labour". In addition to human factors, economic efficiency plays a role there. The following contents are part of ergonomics:

-       Working conditions (time, space, noise, smell, brightness, posture...)

-       Work process

-       Arrangement of the tools

-       Equipment like the manual blasting cabins

-       Work result

-       User friendliness

-       Man-machine interface

People should be protected from health damage in the best manner even when performing a work for a long time. The height-adjustable manual blasting cabins by SIGG essentially contribute to this.

Wide-spread disease - back pain

Back pain is one of the most common health problems: about 80 percent of all Germans suffer from it frequently or permanently. Nearly a quarter of all sick days of employees have their cause in the musculosceletal system – with back pain holding the top position. Sick leave due to diseases in this area takes, on average, 18 days.

Manual blasting cabins are operated standing up. The pedal is used to activate blasting. An optimal height of grip holes and the sight window ensures a comfortable stance at the manual blasting cabins: the employee does not have to bend over or stretch to operate the blasting system. The most relaxed work possible in the manual blasting cabins contributes to employee health, ensures fatigue-free work and, in the end, improves the work results.

If you are planning to purchase new manual blasting cabins, consider the possibility of height adjustment from the beginning and create a modern and ergonomic workplace. We will gladly show you which facilities can be used for this. Call us at +49 7741 808 930 or send an email to info(at)sigg-strahltechnik(dot)de to learn more about our height-adjustable manual blasting cabins.

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