The surface is determining
the blasting principle.

Wet blasting systems

The surface is determining
the blasting principle.

Injector blasting systems

The surface is determining
the blasting principle.

Vapour blasting principle

Manual Varnish Removal by Pressure-Jet Plants

Efficiently and cleanly remove old varnish, paints and layers

Coordinated interaction between plant, pressure, corundum used and the surface to be processed is decisive for manual varnish removal with pressure-jet plants. If all parameters are considered, manual varnish removal is an efficient way of cleanly removing old varnish layers. Removing layers, particles or adhesions of other materials from the surface is called cleaning blasting. Delayering or varnish removal is an application of cleaning blasting, as is derusting, detindering and cleaning.

Manual varnish removal and re-painting

Manual varnish removal is important, e.g., for corrosion protection. By regularly removing old varnishes and applying new ones, metal parts can be securely protected from corrosion – which considerably increases the service life. This is decisive, e.g., in aviation and aerospace, but varnish removal is also relevant in maintenance and care of vehicles, machines and plants. Cost-efficient varnish removal requires suitable methods.

Particularly high performance: pressure-jet plants

SIGG pressure-jet plants are particularly high-performance and ready to handle virtually any varnish layer in connection with a rough corundum as blasting medium. Even large workpieces with complex shapes can be devarnished in the pressure-jet plants. In particular complex structures and component geometries can be treated well by manual varnish removal subject to visual inspection. In addition to the standard-pressure-jet plants, SIGG will also produce specially adjusted custom plants for any area of use for its customers. SIGG offers many modern and effective blasting agents for different materials and layers. In our test labs, we can blast samples and thus determine suitable combinations to keep the component surface as intact as possible at varnish removal.

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