The surface is determining
the blasting principle.

Wet blasting systems

The surface is determining
the blasting principle.

Injector blasting systems

The surface is determining
the blasting principle.

Vapour blasting principle

Matting by blasting for attractive surfaces

Jewellery, watches and eyeglass frames are refined and designed

Matting by blasting can apply special visual and haptic effects to metals either in full or in specific areas. There are different types of matting:

  • Various levels of matt gloss
  • Various levels of silk-matt gloss
  • Matting in one direction
  • Matting without direction 

What is gloss anyway? Matting by blasting changes the properties of a surface so that light is reflected diffusely. High-gloss surfaces reflect light like a mirror. Gloss is a visual impression that differs from observer to observer. The effect of matting by blasting can still be measured, however: a reflectometer measures the reflection of light from the respective surface. Depending on the material, matting by blasting can achieve any desired graduation, based on blasting agent and technique. The degree of matting can be adjusted to the customer's wishes, making it potentially essential for the design of jewellery, watches or eyeglass frames and belt buckles.

Influencing surface structure

There are various ways of influencing surface structure.

Among others, they include the following techniques: 

  • Blasting with various media
  • Grinding and polishing
  • Brushing
  • Chemical processes

In particular processing of high-quality metals such as gold, platinum or silver make it necessary to keep material removal through matting by blasting as low as possible. In contrast to brushing of surfaces, which always strongly affects the surface, the stress can be graduated very finely when blasting, which makes it very suitable for refined materials and high-quality effects.

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