Planning of sand-blasting systems considers individual specifications.

From selection of the matching blasting agent to blasting, configuration is according to the requirements.

While we still colloquially speak of sand-blasting, blasting with quartz sand has long been forbidden, since the high dust development endangered the employees' health. Instead, very different blasting agents are used now, precisely aligned with the respective workpieces and able to do much more than the original quartz sand. Modern blasting media are made of metal, mineral or organic substances and are precisely adjusted to the respective task and workpiece. They have developed far away from the original sand-blasting systems. Glass beads, nut shells or brass grit – the procedure, blasting medium and designed final quality must be reconciled when planning the so-called sand-blasting systems. While in conventional sand-blasting systems quartz sand was used mostly for rust removal or cleaning, modern blasting media can achieve many different surface effects, such as matting, polishing, deburring or even hardening of surfaces.

Planning also stands out when special requirements must be met.

Individual planning of sand-blasting systems is sensible in particular when special requirements must be met. These may be the criteria of a site, integration into a production lane or questions of automation. Our experts for blasting technology develop just the system for your needs in coordination with you. For this, our test lab will check which blasting procedure and blasting agent must be combined for best quality of your product. The second step is adjustment of your chosen system to your company's situation. Once all parts have been planned and produced in our factory, special formats are easy to implement.

Various procedures are available for planning sand-basting systems: common ones include wet blasting, pressure blasting and injector blasting. The system finally chosen for your project also depends on the sizes and materials of the workpiece, as well as the number of parts to be processed.

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