Surface finishing in mechanical engineering applications helps boost your product’s success.

Five factors you need to consider when it comes to surface finishing in mechanical engineering

The quality and usefulness of components are determined by a range of factors, key amongst which are their surface properties. The use of state-of-the-art surface finishing techniques in mechanical engineering applications allows you to modify these properties to your exacting standards. Surface properties and material properties can be optimised separately by applying surface finishing techniques in mechanical engineering applications, allowing you to achieve some considerable advantages over parts which are not processed in this way.

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Five important factors for surface finishing in mechanical engineering

  • Prevent corrosion – ensuring longevity
  • Enable even coatings – improving aesthetics
  • Ensure reliable sealing – guaranteeing protection
  • Process individual parts or batches to high quality standards – planning for flexibility
  • Apply automation – maintaining delivery punctuality

Once you have taken these five factors into consideration, you will have a good foundation for ensuring the perfect surface finishing solutions in your engineering applications. The quality of products is incredibly important, especially when it comes to mechanical engineering, with parts being subjected to significant mechanical and environmental stresses. The longevity of a machine as a whole may sometimes be dependent on individual parts, so attention to detail in this area is vital. To this end, using state-of-the-art blasting technologies in mechanical engineering is crucial, with modern blasting systems allowing you to ensure perfect surfaces that are ready for all further processing steps. Taking such action will prevent corrosion and ensure even coatings and reliable seals. Various industry barometers now show that mechanical engineering fields have lagged behind when it comes to keeping up with the digital revolution. With our state-of-the-art blasting systems you can be optimally prepared for automation on your production lines and for competing on the international stage.

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