• Aluminum oxide-white and Regular corundum
  • Semi-friable aluminum oxide
  • Zirconia alumina

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Corundum is one of the principal blasting abrasives

Hardness and resilience feature aluminum oxide

Corundum is very frequently used in SIGG blasting systems and therefore an accordingly important blasting abrasive in the company’s repertoire. The outstanding features of the popular blasting abrasive are its hardness and resilience, depending on its purity, visible already by its color. The rule of thumb here is: The purer the blasting abrasive, the more brittle it becomes. It gets more resilient through the addition of metal oxides as well as the cooling rate during the production of the blasting abrasive. In combination with additives it is called aluminum oxide. Various types are differentiated:

  • Aluminum oxide-white
  • Regular corundum
  • Semi-friable aluminum oxide
  • Zirconia alumina

Refined, white corundum convinces by its high grade of hardness and heat resistance

Aluminum oxide-white consists of over 99.9 percent aluminum oxide. This type of corundum convinces by its high grade of hardness and heat resistance. It is used for grinding and polishing glass as well as for steels requiring a cool grinding. SIGG Strahltechnik recommends it for grinding and forming profiles, which benefit from a higher edge stability.

Aluminum oxide for steel grinding

Semi-friable aluminum oxide is a mixture of regular corundum and white aluminum oxide, utilized for grinding extremely hard, firm and not heat-sensitive steels. Zirconia alumina features admixtures of 10 to 40 percent of zirconium oxide. Zirconia alumina forms an efficient couple together with regular corundum and has its stand as grinding discs for high-pressure grinding. Thus, highest rates of metal removal are possible. You are not quite sure, which type of corundum is the right blasting abrasive to serve your needs, or which kind of aluminum oxide you should decide on? Then give us a call or write us, we are happy to advise you.

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Article overview for Corundum:

The following sieving versions are currently available from stock:

Art. No.Description
100394    Corundum0,06 - 0,12 AFP 150   
100395Corundum0,12 - 0,25 F 070
100396Corundum0,25 - 0,50 F 046
100397Corundum0,50 - 1,00   
100398Corundum1,00 - 2,00 F 014
102905Corundum1,00 - 1,40 F 016
100399CorundumF 180
100400CorundumF 220
100402CorundumF 280
101027CorundumF 320
100447CorundumF 360
100405CorundumF 500
101028CorundumF 1000

Standard or default quantity is 25kg. Please note that for smaller orders, a minimum quantity surcharge of 10 Euro will be added.
Prices upon request.
Other sizes and designs available on request.


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