Nylon granules

  • Cleans and deburrs plastics
  • For workpieces with slight burr or tinsel
  • From 25 kilo lot size

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Nylon granulates clean and deburr plastics

Nylon granulates are cubic-shaped blasting abrasives

Nylon granulate, a cubic-shaped granulate made from plastic, represents a blasting abrasive for deburring or cleaning components from minor burrs or flakes. It is mainly applied for the surface treatment of plastic components. SIGG Strahltechnik distributes nylon granulate in batches from 25 kilos. This blasting abrasive is particularly requested by companies from medical technology, electronics and automotive construction. You have questions relating to nylon granulate as blasting abrasive? Then give us a call or write us. We look forward to advise you.

Article overview for Nylon granulate

The following sieving versions are currently available from stock:

100435Nylon granulate0,50 x 0,50 mm
100436Nylon granulate0,75 x 0,75 mm
100437Nylon granulate1,00 x 1,00 mm
100439Nylon granulate1,50 x 1,50 mm    


Standard or default quantity is 25kg. Please note that for smaller orders, a minimum quantity surcharge of 10 Euro will be added.
Prices upon request.
Other sizes and designs available on request.


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