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Food industry relies on clean and sharp cutting edges

Everything is great with jet technology from SIGG

Every German consumes just over six kilograms of butter per year - only Denmark and France consume more, at around eight kilos. You can cut off cold butter with a knife and then somehow squash the hard lump onto the soft bread. Or you can use an innovative butter slicer and simply peel off a wafer-thin slice of butter and place it on the slice of bread. To ensure that this runs like clockwork, the food industry relies on blasting technology from SIGG.

High demands on products for use in the food industry

The manufacturer of the innovative butter slicer invested more than two years of development time. At the heart of this are the stainless steel blades with which the butter is cut off. The design of the butter slicer comes from Austria, the parts are manufactured in a production facility in Germany. SIGG blasting technology is in demand in the food industry for processing stainless steel blades: the blade is cleaned of production residues and deburred in the blasting unit. This is because the individual parts for the butter slicer have to be produced with particular care - the requirements in the food industry are high so that consumers are protected in the best possible way. Blasting technology in the food industry also allows parts such as the stainless steel blades to be reliably prepared for subsequent coating - in the case of the butter slicer, a non-stick coating is applied. The stainless steel is gently roughened using blasting technology so that the coating adheres better and is particularly durable.

Why stainless steel in the food industry?

An EU regulation defines which types of steel may come into contact with food in the food industry. Stainless steel is particularly suitable for this because it provides a smooth and therefore hygienic surface. This is an aspect that can be further enhanced in the food industry by compacting the surface using blasting technology: shot peening also makes the surface less susceptible to corrosion - a plus in the food industry when acidic foods or aggressive cleaning methods are also used.

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