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Supplier industry benefits from the efficiency of blasting systems by SIGG

High throughput, top quality, optimal surfaces

The majority of fundamental innovations in the automotive sector come from the supplier industry taking on ever more tasks in production and development. Simultaneously, there is hardly any industry suffering from the price pressure to this extent. At the same time, the call for ever higher standards is becoming louder. SIGG Strahltechnik offers with its blasting systems not only best processing results. By automation also efficiency increases in surface treatment. The blasting systems can be integrated into production lines and their loading is automatable by means of robot technology.

Many workpieces from the supplier industry

The list of workpieces from the supplier industry processed with blasting systems by SIGG is long. From aluminum covers to cylinder-head gaskets, a wide range of parts are blasted with injector blasting systems, rotary table systems or vapor blasting systems by SIGG. Also turbo chargers that show gypsum residues after cutting off from the casting tree need deburring. Those are, for example, processed on the custom system SIGG 4300. Every three seconds, a turbo charger is fitted onto the satellites of the rotary table systems by four to five operators. Ten stations with blasting guns which blast in different positions the blasting carborundum through their nozzles onto the turbo charger remove gypsum residues and sharp edges in no time. Once the workpieces have passed the blow-off chamber at the end of the blasting process they are ready to be packed by a robot.

Blasting engine blocks made of aluminum cast

Customers from the automotive sector are using high-grade blasting abrasives made of stainless material for the blasting of their cast parts, as for example, top parts for engine blocks made of aluminum cast. The blasting abrasives with a diameter in the micrometer range condense and matt the surfaces. Hereby, the groundwork for a durable and beautiful lacquer finish is set. What kind of task is leading you to us? Do you have questions about the surface treatment with blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik? Then give us a call or write us.

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