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Sand blasting technology at the highest level

SIGG Strahltechnik medical technology

Know-how for medical technology

Companies in the medical technology requiring the blasting of their workpieces will find a competent partner in SIGG, as it has established substantial know-how particularly in this industry.
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SIGG Strahltechnik rotary table

Rotary table blasting systems for large quantities

Rotary table blasting systems by SIGG are the right choice for blasting large quantities of equal parts while retaining full, high-level quality 
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SIGG Strahltechnik customized systems

Customized systems
for individual requests

Customized models and systems especially designed for the customer’s needs distinguish themselves by top quality and rightly carry the seal „Made in Germany“.
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SIGG Strahltechnik

Design and manufacturing
of high tech machines

The capacity range in the design and manufacturing of high tech machines by SIGG is broad and excels in superior quality.
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SIGG Strahltechnik Blasting technologies

Blasting technology creates surfaces

Surfaces are refined, leveled-out or roughened by means of blasting technology. SIGG is a competent partner for blasting systems and superfinishing vibrators. > more

SIGG Strahltechnik Blasting abrasives

Blasting abrasives for perfect surfaces

Every current blasting abrasive by SIGG is of premium quality. The blasting technology expert features a high level of expertise as regards surface finishing.
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SIGG Strahltechnik

Economically efficient deburring of cast parts in aluminium die-casting, sand casting, chill casting or steel casting with SIGG blasting systems for surface treatment of metals

A diverse product range is available for deburring of cast parts from aluminium die-casting, sand casting, chill casting or steel casting with SIGG blasting systems (traditional "sand blasting" – but with special blasting agents). The range of blasting systems comprises injector-blasting systems, carousel-blasting systems for large numbers, rotating basket systems for smaller cast parts or pressure blasting systems for targeted processing and deburring of cast parts.

Sand blasting or blasting means the surface treatment of a cast part, with fine-grained granulates (blasting media) being blown against the material to be cleaned and deburred. Sand blasting or blasting is mostly used to clear workpieces, components or cast parts of aluminium, steel or brass of burrs and to clean the surfaces.

Surface treatment: deburring and cleaning of cast parts and workpieces by blasting.

Blasting technology means all technical blasting methods for mechanical processing of surfaces with the corresponding blasting agents. Blasting finishes the surfaces of workpieces by the individual blast grains of the respective specifically used blasting agent. Blasting agents are chosen individually to match the type and hardness of the workpiece and the required surface removal (we recommend the blasting agents blasting corundum for dry and wet application, white corundum for blasting steel up to use of glass beads for sensitive surfaces or even use of nut shells (Lignoblast) for gentle processing of dark metals such as gold or alloys in the jewellery and watchmaking industries.

Use of the right and, in particular, high-quality blasting agents is decisive and almost a science of its own. The blast grains are steered onto the surface to be finished in a jet with the use and support of compressed air or water. The supplying jet is the carrier medium that contributes the kinetic energy needed to accelerate the blasting grains. Very different blasting procedures are used depending on the size of parts and the blasting purpose, as well as the blasting pattern to be achieved. We will gladly advise you: SIGG blasting technology at 07741 808 93 0.

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