Blasted bone nails for optimal healing results

Innovative treatment processes for best surfaces

Surgeons use bone nails to stabilize broken bones and to supply them with bone marrow. This stimulates callus formation. Hereby, the application of bone nails support the bone healing biology.  Bone nails are made of stainless steel. They are inserted as wires or pins and need to be primarily one thing: Top-quality due to a perfect surface.  

Blasting bone nails with sound expertise

SIGG Strahltechnik has built up a very high level of expertise in the surface treatment of bone nails and numerous other workpieces in medical technology. In this area quite diverse treatment processes are suitable. Bone nails as well as other medical technology products are roughened, refined, equalized, matted, deburred, satin-finished, lapped and cleaned on blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik.  

Professional surface treatment

Bone nails obtain the required perfect surface through professional surface treatment with blasting systems by SIGG. As bulk material, bone nails are blasted in the rotary basket systems by SIGG that ensure a uniform processing of these surgical appliances. Due to the surface properties required, steel pins grow into the surrounding body tissue much better while having a highly positive effect on the healing process.

Easy documentation of treatment processes

In automated systems as offered for medical technology by SIGG, reproducible results and cost-effective application are as convincing as the easy documentation of treatment processes. Top-quality is part of SIGG’s self-perception as after all it is about the sensitive field of human health. The sophisticated blasting abrasives applied are delivered by SIGG Strahltechnik in the required high level of quality. You have questions around the surface treatment of bone nails, the blasting systems or the treatment processes? Then we look forward to your call or your mail.


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