Appealing structures for watches and jewelry

Blasting abrasives conjure up decisive effects

The structures of jewelry influence their creative expression and their effect. Whether polished or matted – the result is always preceded by adequate processing. Hereby, blasting systems, as developed and manufactured by SIGG Strahltechnik, are frequently applied. The processing of jewelry and watches as well as their respective partly filigree elements requires a lot of expertise. Depending on the desired surface properties, both the suitable technology and the adequate blasting abrasive needs to be chosen.  SIGG Strahltechnik offers the opportunity to try out systems and blasting abrasives in its in-house testing laboratory.

Testing laboratory for perfect structures

This is where both type and grain size of the blasting abrasive is tested for application to achieve the desired structures for jewelry and watches. Furthermore, processing parameters such as blasting abrasive pressure, distance between blasting gun and workpiece as well as processing duration are examined carefully. Advantage: Customers may take their sample parts to the testing laboratory and assess the results achieved directly on the spot. Aside from various systems, the testing laboratory is equipped for test blasting with microscopes for visual control and roughness measuring devices.  

Systems and blasting abrasives of premium quality

Top-notch structures require sophisticated systems and blasting abrasives of premium quality. SIGG delivers both, putting a high value on the products and technologies carrying the label „Made in Germany“. Particularly in high-value watches, the look of the movement is of decisive importance.  Perfect structures are equally important for movements as precision is paramount for a correct ticking watch. Thus, movements are blasted with high-quality blasting abrasives after the milling process. To avoid discoloration, SIGG Strahltechnik offers blasting abrasives preventing this undesired effect.  

Blasting smallest parts in large amounts

In processing of smallest parts of which movements are made up of, injector blasting systems with rotary baskets are suggested. The rotary basket prevents the miniscule parts from dropping away during the blasting process. Also larger amounts of microscopic parts in the jewelry and watch industry may be optimally processed by means of these systems. The jewelry industry preferably blasts its workpieces in wet blasting cabinets with glass beads or corundum as blasting abrasive. Surfaces may be compressed excellently with these systems and media. You would like to learn more about creating structures for watches and jewelry with blasting technology? Then give us a call or write us. We’ll be glad to advise you.


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