Perfect surfaces for surgical instruments

Medical technology benefits from SIGG’s expertise

A physician’s precision and sensitivity are essential parameters for a successful surgery. Of fundamental importance are also the surgical instruments required for the success of medical interventions. A good grip and matt surfaces represent important features of surgical instruments. Hereby, the technology of SIGG Strahltechnik can contribute significantly. The blasting systems ensure perfect surfaces of surgical instruments.  

Top-quality surgical instruments

Clinics, accident and emergency departments as well as medical offices benefit from top-quality forceps, scissors, clamps, needle holders, pliers, scalpels or catheter holders. The better the quality of surgical instruments is, the better it effects the treatment or healing success. Over recent years, SIGG Strahltechnik has built up a very high level of expertise in the surface treatment of workpieces in medical technology.

Non-adherent surgical instruments

Once medical technology objects such as scalpels, pliers, scissors, saws and endoscopes have been blasted with systems by SIGG, the instruments obtain matt surfaces in order to avoid reflections of the operating lights. The surgical team may work without light irritation. Perfect surfaces also ensure that nothing adheres to the surgical instruments, that they have a good grip and do not slide off. The desired surface properties can be achieved through professional matting and roughening with blasting systems by SIGG.

Blasting abrasives for medical technology

In medical technology, sophisticated blasting abrasives are applied and delivered by SIGG in the required high quality. You have questions around surface treatment of surgical instruments and the applicability of blasting systems by SIGG in medical technology? Then give us a call or write us. We’ll be glad to advise you.


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