Blasting technology for machine and tool construction

  • Blasting technology for smallest bulk material and largest workpieces
  • For cleaning and rust removal
  • Remove old layers of paint

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De-burring, grinding, polishing and cleaning with blasting technology by SIGG

Engineering and tool manufacturing blast more efficiently with blasting systems

The cost pressure in the engineering as well as the tool making industry forces numerous companies to switch from conventional grinding- and polishing techniques to blasting technology. De-burring, grinding, polishing and cleaning processes are more efficient with blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik and achieve excellent results. Even fine burrs, occurring during punching, can be removed completely by means of blasting technology. This applies both to metal and plastic workpieces. Systems by SIGG Strahltechnik are being utilized in the engineering or tool manufacturing not only for cleaning, roughening, smoothing or de-burring, but also for condensing in order to achieve particularly smooth surfaces.

Blasting technology for smallest bulk material and largest workpieces

Along with the smallest bulk material, such as screws, nails or springs, also large workpieces can be processed with blasting systems by SIGG. The blasting technology is used in many ways, from car doors to rims, from engine parts to turbine components or ship’s propellers. Extremely heavy workpieces require hand blast cabinets with a rotary table, offered in the portfolio as well. Vapour blasting systems by SIGG are utilized for cleaning and de-rusting. In this way even old coats of paint can be removed easily.

Solutions for engineering and tool manufacturing

For any task in the engineering and tool manufacturing sector SIGG Strahltechnik also keeps a wide selection of blasting abrasives ready. High-precision injection molds, for example, are blasted with plastic- or nut shell granulate, which removes stains without roughening the smooth surfaces of the molds. Manufacturers of brass components also find the popular brass grit as blasting abrasive in the SIGG Strahltechnik portfolio, serving a particularly effective processing of this material.

Craft businesses blast with SIGG

SIGG Strahltechnik not only approaches the engineering and tool making industry. By now, also in craft businesses, the blasting technology widely replaces the manual de-burring, polishing and grinding for reasons of costs. Plumbing and locksmith’s enterprises mostly choose large manual cabins. In this way they can blast railings and supports or remove discolorations caused by welding. You have questions regarding the blasting technology recommended by us for engineering and tool making? Then we look forward to your call or your mail. info(at)sigg-strahltechnik(dot)de.

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