SIGG Strahltechnik turns turbines into power packs

Perfect surfaces for optimal energy conversion

Turbines represent the evolution of water- and wind wheels and are considered one of the most powerful machines ever invented by man. The rotating continuous-flow machine transforms the internal energy of a liquid or a gas into mechanical energy and releases it via its shaft. Turbines are indispensable on the global markets. A correspondingly large number of companies focus on the production and service of turbines. Increasing demands on velocity, precision and design as well as a growing cost pressure call for innovative processing technologies. SIGG Strahltechnik offers equally efficient and effective blasting systems providing contemporary processing of turbines and turbine parts.

Blasting systems reduce surface roughness and deburr turbine cast parts

Turbine surfaces are exposed to enormous strains. Aside from high temperatures, they need to withstand pressures and vibrations which imply high quality alloy of the cast parts. Before the alloy is applied, work pieces are deburred and smoothed, as in the various production processes of turbines very often sharp edges, fraying or splinters may occur. Also surface roughness needs to be reduced, annealing colors removed and welding seams equalized.

Blasting technology at a high level

With blasting technology by SIGG any of these work steps will be possible at a high level. Automated processes, integrable into production lines, ensure perfect surfaces in order to get the turbine’s power where it is needed. The systems by SIGG Strahltechnik are applied for cleaning, roughening, smoothing, deburring and condensing. For extremely heavy workpieces, the SIGG portfolio offers manual blasting cabinets with a rotary table.

Turbines generate lots of energy with SIGG

For the surface treatment of turbines, SIGG Strahltechnik provides premium quality blasting abrasives in different grain sizes and sieving. They may be determined and tried out in the in-house testing laboratory according to specific customer requirements. Whether water-, gas- or vapor turbine – these technologies will generate a whole lot of energy with SIGG Strahltechnik, due to their perfect surfaces. You have questions around blasting technologies and blasting abrasives for the processing of turbines? Then give us a call or write us..

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