Wet blasting for classy watch cases

Shiny or matt surfaces adorn time pieces

Classy, matt watches or timepieces with a polished even structure are not only functional but adorn their wearers as well. Watch cases obtain their appealing look through surface treatment with blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik. Watch cases made of metal or plastic are deburred with blasting systems and obtain an even, attractive surface achieved by grinding and polishing.  

Deburring of watch cases with glass beads

After milling, punching and drilling, watch cases are processed with high-quality blasting abrasives. The processing of watch cases made of brass requires the application of a blasting abrasive that will not change the color of the brass parts: Brass powder. An alternative choice would be blasting with glass beads or corundum. In order to choose the appropriate system, the SIGG Strahltechnik specialists will cooperate with the customer in the in-house testing laboratory. Here, if not before, it becomes clear if the watch cases require an additional coating after the blasting process.  

Sludge turns watch cases into gems

The wet blasting technique, also called sludge blasting technique, is used in order to obtain particularly fine surfaces that are especially desired for watches and jewelry. Blasting abrasive and water are stirred up in a vessel and then blasted onto the workpiece. Wet blasting systems utilize finest blasting abrasives suspended in water. The liquid film built up on the watch cases protects the surface from abrasion and damps the blasting impact. Microscopically small cavities (pores) in the surface are spared, as they fill up with water immediately on starting the process. The raised, edged parts of the surface, however, are considerably more removed by the wet blasting technique. The result is not only an accurately ticking watch but also a classy look. You would like to learn more about the processing of watch cases and the surface refinement with blasting technology by SIGG? Then we look forward to your call or your mail.


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