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Different blasting technologies for various gripping technologies

Grippers place a variety of demands - that is why there is a wide range of models of these useful components available: Lower grippers, sack grippers, inside clamping grippers, outside clamping grippers, package grippers, drum grippers, finger grippers or roll on grippers are the most important representatives of this category. All of them need to be suitable and function reliably as well as precisely when applied in sophisticated machines and systems.

Grippers play a key role

Grippers play a key role in regards to functionality and performance of handling systems. They grip workpieces and move them spatially. The spectrum ranges from food to car rims, from paper to smallest components. The capabilities required are correspondingly varied. Grippers have to be either adhering or non-adhering. They need to convert power or carry out finest movements precisely. The surface properties of grippers are accordingly important. Blasting systems by SIGG confer an optimal surface on any gripper. Whether welding seams or burrs are to be removed, or surfaces to be roughened or smoothed, polished or matted – the options of blasting technologies are as multifaceted as the world of grippers.

Blasting technology is more efficient than grinding or polishing technologies

As for some time already cost pressure has been affecting the engineering and tool making sector, blasting technology suggests itself, when compared to conventional grinding and polishing technologies, also under economic criteria. Deburring, grinding, polishing and cleaning processes are carried out more efficiently with blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik providing best results. With the application of blasting technology, even finest burrs occurring during punching may be completely removed. This applies to both workpieces made of metal and plastic. You have questions about the surface treatment of grippers with the blasting technology by SIGG Strahltechnik? Then give us a call or write us.

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