Rotary indexing table systems

  • Removal and loading of the parts during the blasting process
  • Equipment with more or less tables
  • Machining small and large parts

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They determine the rhythm.

Systematic blasting Rotary indexing table systems fit into modern production.


"Cycle time - also called work cycle or cycle - is the time in which one quantity unit is completed so that the flow system achieves the target quantities." This is how the REFA association for work design and operating organisation defines the term "Cycle". In practice, the required target volumes that are specified to you by the customer are decisive. Rotary indexing table blasting systems help achieve certain target volumes and make the production process more reliable and better plannable.


Rotary indexing table blasting systems are satellite rotary indexing table systems. The great advantage of these systems is in it being possible to remove finished parts can be and insert new parts while blasting continues inside the system utilisation is optimised. Depending on size of the produced parts, the desired application and the chosen blasting process, the rotary indexing table blasting systems can be equipped with more or fewer rotary discs. Smaller and symmetrical parts can be processed just as well as more complex parts with larger dimensions here. We will gladly discuss which rotary indexing table blasting systems finally fit your production task with you.


Cycled calculations for precise results

Once you have defined the relevant parameters for your production lines, we can support you in calculation of the cycle times and piece numbers. This also shows whether automation of the rotary indexing table blasting systems is sensible and would create further advantages for production. We are your contact in automation as well. Best call us right away or tell us about your project by email. You can call us at +49 (0)7741 808 93 0 or email us at


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