Increased healing success with blasting technology by SIGG

Stents obtain a perfect surface

In Germany, cardiac patients alone receive more than 250.000 cardiac stents annually. These and numerous other variants of cylindrical wire-mesh prostheses made of metal or plastic fibers need to be produced. In order to deburr the stents after the processing with laser technology, the blasting technology by SIGG will go into action. This is where a lot of expertise, precision and finesse are called for. The filigree support frames expanding the vessels must neither break nor collapse during the treatment.

Descaling and deburring of stents with blasting systems by SIGG

The initial products for the manufacturing of stents are thin-walled tubes made of high-grade metals. The structures of stents are equally complex and delicate. They are an essential prerequisite for the changes in diameter during the insertion of the stents and must not be damaged during production. Like any other implant also stents may trigger reactions within living tissue that might delay the healing process. As soon as stents have undergone surface treatment beforehand with blasting systems by SIGG, the healing success will increase since a roughened surface is much better adopted by the surrounding tissue.

A great deal of expertise in medical technology

In recent years, SIGG has built up a great deal of expertise and experience in medical technology. The team is aware of the high quality standards demanded in production processes, the requirements for documentation and the demand for reproducible results. Various blasting abrasives and blasting procedures are applied. At the SIGG Strahltechnik testing laboratory, processing types and blasting abrasives may be tried out and examined in their results. You have questions in regards to surface treatment of stents or other workpieces from medical technology? Then give us a call or write us.

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