Movements measure time with precision due to SIGG

Deburring micro parts for movements with blasting systems

Numerous industrially manufactured watch cases are blasted for deburring once they have been punched. This important processing step enables metal or plastic cases to obtain attractive, evenly structured surfaces. SIGG Strahltechnik develops and manufactures contemporary blasting systems for deburring movements. Nowadays, hardly any movement is still made manually in the watch industry.  Even though manual work is not missed out in the construction of a movement when it comes to refinement and inward processing of watch case and movement. However, in the meantime, numerous production steps have been automated and not stopped short of deburring of movement micro parts.  

Deburred movements for better times

Before a movement is able to measure time, firstly the processing machine is mounted on brass plates or nickel silver. This already requires that drilling holes, necessary for the mounting of the processing machine, are deburred because the drilling causes material elevations. In the proceeding process, up to 30 prospective plates are attached to the machine tool and subsequently processed with drills and milling tools. Burrs occurring in these processes will also require removal.  

Deburring plates and bridges, screws and springs

Alternatively to this production process, raw movements are punched, equally requiring deburring of the small workpieces. Today, plates and bridges, screws and springs are produced by computerized manufacturing machines. Hereby, superlative precision counts: The individual micro parts must not deviate by more than two thousandths of a millimeter - anything else would make the composition of a reliable movement useless. Blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik ensure perfect deburring and blasting of these micro parts also for highest demands. These technology solutions also meet the contemporary requirements of watch case refinements. You have questions in regards to deburring of micro parts for movements with blasting systems by SIGG? Then give us a call or write us. We’ll be glad to take the time and advise you.


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