Refinement blasting systems

  • Particularly smooth or compacted surfaces
  • Roughening with refinement blasting
  • Create resilient surfaces

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Refinement blasting with blasting systems for various industries

Use modern systems for shot peening, smoothing and polishing of workpieces, as well as roughening and satining

Refinement blasting with blasting systems is an important step in a wide variety of industries: On the one hand, refinement blasting can improve the products' optical characteristics, while on the other shot peening can be used to alter the surface to make it particularly hard-wearing. Refinement blasting is carried out using modern blasting systems in medical technology, dental technology, mechanical engineering or for components from the automotive industry, for example.

We would be happy to provide you with information about using refinement blasting in your production processes with our blasting systems. All Sigg blasting systems are designed and manufactured by our engineers at our company's headquarters in Lauchringen. In our in-house testing laboratory, we check the interaction of blasting systems, blasting methods, blasting media and workpieces. After all, with refinement blasting, it is essential to ensure that all of the components are perfectly attuned to each other. Would you like to have a workpiece tested? Then call us on +49 (0) 7741 808 93 0 or send us an e-mail at info(at)sigg-strahltechnik(dot)de.

Roughening with refinement blasting

Perfectly smoothed surfaces are not always the best choice: in medical technology especially, roughened surfaces can also be useful. Implants, for example, need to be roughened in a specific way in order to help them integrate into the body more easily. The handles on surgical instruments also must not be too smooth and therefore slippery. Instead, they need to be roughened using refinement blasting on blasting systems in order to sit firmly in the hand. In the operating theatre, the matt finish on roughened metals ensures that the surgeon's view is not impaired by reflections or mirroring.

Refinement blasting for especially smooth or consolidated surfaces

The longevity of workpieces and components can be improved significantly with shot blasting. In this case, refinement blasting with blasting systems not only removes material, but also ensures a particularly consolidated and closed surface: small ceramic spheres "hammer" the surface and force the atoms near the surface closer together. This means that no water is able to penetrate, for example, and corrosion can be avoided as effectively as possible.

Would you like to enhance components with refinement blasting? Then get in touch either by phone +49 (0) 7741 808 93 0 or by e-mail to info(at)sigg-strahltechnik(dot)de.

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