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  • Blasting abrasives as most important accessory
  • Spare parts are easy to exchange
  • Maintenance once a year

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Accessories and spare parts in stock

Maintenance rounds off service range

SIGG Strahltechnik offers its customers not only innovative blasting systems and finishing vibrators, but also keeps numerous accessories and many spare parts in stock. The portfolio is comprehensively rounded off by its maintenance service. Herewith, SIGG Strahltechnik provides its extensive know-how as mechanical engineer, who knows the systemic interrelationships and what is involved down to the last detail. Quality and efficiency are the highest maxims in order to ensure you crucial competitive advantages. 

Blasting abrasives as most important accessory

Top of the list in the accessory range is the distribution of numerous types of blasting abrasives and abrasive bodies with all current types available from 25 kilos. Filters are key replacement products as well and can be ordered for any SIGG machine type.

Spare parts are easy to exchange

Due to the inevitable wear marks during blasting processes, spare parts are highly frequented. SIGG Strahltechnik keeps all blasting abrasive-conducting machine parts and filters constantly in stock, especially air tubes and blasting abrasive hoses. Perforated plates require regular renewals just the same as hand hole rubbers, blasting guns as well as blasting- and air nozzles. Generally, these spare parts are easy to exchange and simple to order.

Maintenance once a year

Blasting technology experts recommend a yearly maintenance for blasting systems and finishing vibrators which can be performed by the company’s service team. In general the service team comes to your business operation site. Upon maintenance you can immediately begin with the processing of your workpieces. Optionally your machine can be serviced at the SIGG workshop. 

You have questions regarding our spare parts, the accessories and our maintenance service? Then simply give us a call or write us. We’ll be glad to advise you.

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The most important accessories are consumables such as blasting media or filters for the blasting systems, which should be replaced regularly. Wear parts such as hoses, hand hole rubbers, blast nozzles and blast guns must also be checked regularly and parts replaced if necessary.

Right from the blasting systems' development stage, SIGG experts ensure that spare and wear parts can be changed easily and without great effort. There are comprehensible instructions for all parts.

Once a year, barrel finishing vibrators and blasting systems should be checked and maintained by the trained SIGG service team. This prolongs the service life of the system and ensures the safety of people and blasting material.


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