Steel - chilled iron is sharp-edged

  • Roughening, deburring or compacting
  • For steel or cast aluminum parts
  • For vehicle or engine components

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Steel- or chilled iron is sharp-edged

Grit as hard blasting abrasive for steel- or aluminum casting components

Steel- or chilled iron represents a strong blasting abrasive required for roughening, deburring or compressing steel- or aluminum casting components. Therefore, this metallic grit is employed specifically in the automotive industry, when vehicle- or engine components need to be blasted. Steel- or chilled iron granulate consists mostly of sharp-edged grit produced by mechanical crushing of large, spherical steel- or chilled iron particles. This extremely hard material stands out because it maintains its edged shape even after numerous blasting processes. SIGG Strahltechnik distributes steel- or chilled iron as blasting abrasive in batches from 25 kilos. You have questions regarding this particularly hard blasting abrasive of steel- or chilled iron and the possible applications of grit? Then give us a call or write us.

Article overview for Steel shot

The following sieving versions are currently available from stock:

Art. No.Description
100425 Steel shot0,10 - 0,20 edged
100431Steel shot0,16 - 0,30 edged
100426Steel shot0,20 - 0,40 edged
100427Steel shot0,30 - 0,60 edged
100428Steel shot0,40 - 0,80 edged
100424Steel shot0,60 - 1,00 edged
100429Steel shot0,80 - 1,25 edged
102296Steel shot1,00 - 1,60 edged    
100430Steel shot1,60 - 2,24 edged



100440 Steel ball0,10 - 0,20 rounded
101957Steel ball0,16 - 0,30 rounded
101958Steel ball0,20 - 0,40 rounded
100433Steel ball0,30 - 0,60 rounded
102708Steel ball0,40 - 0,80 rounded
102264Steel ball1,00 - 1,60 rounded


Standard or default quantity is 25kg. Please note that for smaller orders, a minimum quantity surcharge of 10 Euro will be added.
Prices upon request.
Other sizes and designs available on request.


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