Shot blasting machines for watches and jewelry

  • Particularly fine surfaces with an elegant look
  • Perfect deburring of small workpieces
  • Processing with high quality abrasives

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SIGG Strahltechnik enhances the appearance of jewelry

Perfect look and high-grade functionality

Shiny or matt precious metals are valued materials for classy watches or beautiful jewelry. Structured or velvety matted – the surfaces bring out the best in a classy work piece’s appearance. The look is one thing, functionality another: In order to obtain a movement that measures time precisely, firstly the smallest gears need to be perfectly deburred. To ensure a surface of high quality as well as precise edges, a surface treatment with blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik recommends itself.

Blasting systems and blasting abrasives

After milling, casting, punching and drilling, watch cases or pieces of jewelry will be processed in the blasting systems by means of high-grade blasting abrasives. Which type of blasting system is chosen depends on the desired result. At the in-house testing laboratory, jointly with the customer, the SIGG Strahltechnik specialists will determine the options and adapt technology as well as a selection of blasting abrasives to the individual task.

Fine surfaces for watches and jewelry

If jewelry or watches require particularly fine surfaces, the wet blasting technique would be the right choice. The blasting abrasive and water mixture is stirred up in a vessel and then blasted onto the workpiece. The liquid film built up on the watch cases or the jewelry pieces protects them from abrasion. Microscopically small cavities in the surface are spared, as they fill up with water during wet blasting. Undesired, raised parts of the surface are removed through the wet blasting procedure. The result is a classy look.

A great deal of expertise in the testing laboratory

In the course of 60 years of company history, SIGG Strahltechnik has established a great deal of expertise in the processing of jewelry and watches. A sovereign sense of security characterizes the customized selection of the suitable blasting system and the adequate blasting abrasive. Customers have the option to bring their sample parts to the testing laboratory to assess the results achieved right on the spot. For trial blasting, the laboratory is equipped both with various systems and microscopes for visual control as well as roughness measuring devices. You have questions around the application spectrum of blasting systems by SIGG for watches and jewelry? Then give us a call or write us.

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