Surfaces for best compatibility

  • Perfect surfaces with the highest quality
  • Roughening, refining, matting, deburring, satinizing, lapping and cleaning
  • Blasting with corundum, glass beads and ceramic balls

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Dental technology benefits from SIGG Strahltechnik

Perfect surfaces for dental medicine

Dentures such as crowns, dental bridges, partial and full prostheses, inlays or orthodontic appliances require perfect surfaces in order to achieve optimal therapy and healing results. Hereby, dental technology plays a major role in dental treatment. Numerous products require processing with blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik to obtain a perfect surface. By means of these systems, numerous products in the dental industry are roughened, equalized, matted, deburred, satin-finished, lapped and cleaned.  

Professional blasting of implants

Implants, for example, must have certain surface properties that can only be achieved by professional blasting. Advantage: Implants grow much better into the surrounding body tissue. The healing process will be increased provided that they have been finished appropriately. The automated systems by SIGG provide these desired results in an efficient and reproducible manner. Ideally, the treatment process is documented to optimize the quality measures in medical technology. A further application example in dental technology: Dental instruments must be matt in order to prevent light reflections that may cause irritations for dentists or dental assistants. Also of importance is a sure grip of the dental instruments which is generated with injector blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik. An adherence as low as possible as well as ergonomic handling represent further points described in the applications of SIGG blasting systems for dental technology.

The SIGG team places much value on top quality and ensures the label „Made in Germany“, as it is in dental technology finally all about human health. In product treatment for dental technology mostly aluminum oxide, glass beads and ceramic beads are applied as blasting abrasives. These are delivered in full and in the required top quality by SIGG. You have questions around the application spectrum for dental technology? Then we look forward to your call or your mail.


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