Instructions for the replacement of spare parts for manual blasting cabins from SIGG Strahltechnik

  • Swapping out the filters
  • Replacing the front screen
  • Replacing the hand hole rubbers
  • Changing the shock absorber
  • Changing the blasting agent

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The following instructions are online

Replacing the front screen

Replacing the hand hole rubbers

Changing the shock absorber

Changing the blasting agent

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Swapping out the filters

Clean filters ensure good air in the environment of the blasting cabinet. It is therefore important to change the filters regularly. The cover of the filter cabinet can be removed and the filters replaced in a few simple steps - with the video instructions this is particularly quick and easy.

• Remove the cover on the filter cabinet
• Loosen the screws on the filter holder correctly
• Remove the old filters
• Insert and fix the gasket correctly

Replacing the front screen

A good view into the interior of the blasting cabin is crucial for reliably processing complex workpieces too. However, the front screen is subject to wear and tear due to the working process inside and is attacked by deflected blasting agent. As soon as the view into the blast cabinet is obstructed, it should be replaced.

• Remove the front glass without problems
• Remove the worn glass and replace it
• Mount the new screens so they are unbreakable and install them quickly

Replacing the hand hole rubbers

The hand hole rubbers on manually operated blasting systems are subjected to particular stress. Every hand movement into the blasting cabin and every arm movement during the blasting process moves the rubber. They are also subject to wear and tear from the blasting medium. A regular exchange ensures safety and is quick & easy.

• Loosen the screws on the hand hole rubber correctly
• Ideal preparation of new hand hole rubbers
• Avoid assembly errors from the outset

Changing the shock absorber

The opening flap of the blasting cabin is opened and closed countless times a day. So that the heavy flap can be operated without effort, laterally mounted gas pressure springs provide the necessary support. If one of these shock absorbers breaks down, you can simply replace it yourself.

• Remove the shock absorber on the flap
• Fix the new shock absorber correctly
• Avoid tension on the shock absorber

Changing the blasting agent

Manual blasting cabins can easily be filled with blasting agent by the operator himself via the blasting system's hopper. The blasting agent supply can be conveniently regulated using the sliding sleeve on the drain cup. To change the blasting agent used, simply loosen the screw on the drain cup. The video shows you how it's done.

• Fill the system with blasting agent
• Stepless dosing of the blasting agent
• Empty used blasting medium or change to another blasting medium

Changing the air nozzle

The air nozzle of the blasting system is one of the system's main components because this is where the blasting agent and compressed air are regulated and the blasting agent reaches its highest speed at this point. However, the abrasive effect of the blasting medium not only affects the workpiece, but also wears out the air nozzle. Timely replacement ensures the quality of the blasting process.

• Ensure safety
• Disassemble the gun body properly
• Remove the air nozzle
• Insert the new air nozzle and install all parts correctly



There are two possible reasons why no more blasting agent is coming out of the gun:

• Check whether a drain cup sieve is inserted and whether it is covered with foreign objects.
• Check the drain cup, blasting hose and gun body for possible foreign objects.

A poorer blasting pattern can have the following causes:

• The air and blast nozzle of the gun body may be exhibiting wear.
• Check that the air nozzle setting is correct.
• Check whether a sand nozzle gasket is inserted.
• Re-adjust the adjusting tube on the drain cup.

The filters may be full: Check the filters and replace them if necessary or check the filter cleaning.

The frequency of filter changes depends on the following factors:

• Blasting agents
• Blasting pressure
• Durating of blasting
• Material of the workpiece

The gun body and nozzles should be checked regularly for wear. The life of the air nozzle will be extended if it is turned 90 degrees once a week.

The correct setting of the impact plate is important for blasting agent consumption. If necessary, check the suitable setting with several blasting tests.

Check the recoil flap in the dust collector for function and wear.

No, you should not pour the contents of the blasting agent bucket back into the blasting system. The material is used and must be disposed of.

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