Non-slip surfaces for precise work

  • Matting and roughening of surgical cutlery
  • Roughening stents, implants, bone nails and joint prostheses
  • High-quality blasting media such as high-grade corundum, glass beads and ceramic balls

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Medical technology trusts in SIGG Strahltechnik

Surfaces for a sensitive field of application

Companies in the medical technology industry approach increasingly SIGG Strahltechnik with their tasks related to the blasting of workpieces, because we have established a substantial know-how in this industry’s surface treatment during the last years.

Multifaceted tasks in the medical technology

Our tasks for the medical technology are as multifaceted as the objects to be processed. What the layman is not aware of: Surgical instruments and other medical technical objects, such as scalpels, pliers, scissors, saws and endoscopes, require matt surfaces in order to prevent the lights to be reflected in them and the surgical staff to be blinded. Furthermore, nothing may adhere to the surgical instruments’ surfaces, and still they should allow a good grip and not slide off. Through matting and roughening by means of SIGG Strahltechnik blasting systems the desired surface features can be obtained.

Blasting technology for stents, joint prostheses and bone nails

Additional, common applications requested from SIGG Strahltechnik blasting systems are stents, implants, bone nails and joint prostheses, which verifiably grow better into the tissue. Joint prostheses present an outstanding challenge from the medical technology industry, since some areas need to be rough and others smooth.

Smooth surfaces for syringes

Even the casings of many syringes are blasted. Thus, there are home-use insulin syringes in an anti-skidding aluminum casing, which is supposed to lie securely like a pen in the user’s hand. The roughened surface, generated by means of an injector blasting system, provides the desired grip.

SIGG delivers blasting technology and blasting abrasives

High-level quality is a must, for especially in the medical sector substantial claims for damages are at risk. In the medical technology mostly corundum, glass- and ceramic beads are used as blasting abrasives. The blasting abrasives are delivered in the high quality required. You have questions round the blasting systems adequate for medical technology or your surface desired? Then we look forward to your call or your mail. info(at)sigg-strahltechnik(dot)de.

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