Applications for perfect surfaces

  • Various applications in the automotive sector
  • Matt surfaces for medical and dental technology
  • Polished elegancy for watch and jewelry industry
  • Systems for engineering and tool manufacturing
  • Blasting technology for the food processing industry

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Various applications, perfect surfaces

Numerous branches rely on blasting technology by SIGG

A perfect dental implant, a classy matted watch case or deburred machine components require efficient and top-quality surface treatment. This is ensured with blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik. A corresponding number of various tasks and applications can be processed with blasting technology by SIGG. Companies in the automotive industry, medical technology, dental technology, watch and jewelry industry as well as the food processing industry rely on blasting systems by SIGG when processing their work pieces. Not only because of the multiple processing possibilities, but also because of the quality demand “Made in Germany” combined with over 60 years of experience in the wide range of surface treatment.  

Various applications in the automotive sector

In the automotive sector, vapor- or injector blasting systems by SIGG significantly affect the lacquer and rusting behavior of a car. Furthermore, optimal surfaces can be achieved for casting parts, top parts for engine blocks made from aluminum cast or cylinder covers.  Car doors, marine turbines or rims obtain this special radiance just as well.  

Matt surfaces for medical and dental technology  

Surgical instruments, scalpels, scissors, pliers, saws or endoscopes require matt surfaces in order not to reflect the operating light during intervention and to ensure a good grip. Medical and dental technology instruments must have a non-adherent surface as well as a reliable slip-resistance to ensure an optimal healing process. Accordingly versatile are the standard systems as well as the special models by SIGG Strahltechnik for the medical and dental technology industry.

Polished elegancy for watch and jewelry industry

Refined watch cases, ultra high gloss for gold or silver jewelry, an appealing finish or perfect deburring of micro parts: Work pieces made from metals or plastics obtain the required surfaces with blasting systems by SIGG. Beautiful, evenly structured surfaces are achieved with the high-quality blasting abrasives applied in the professional blasting systems by SIGG, delivering optimal results. Injector blasting systems with rotary baskets by SIGG Strahltechnik suggest themselves for lean processes, preventing fine and micro parts from being wasted during blasting, even when being processed in large quantities.

Systems for engineering and tool manufacturing

Companies in engineering and tool manufacturing need to meet the increased efficiency demand in their manufacturing processes and progressively rely on the automated blasting technology by SIGG. Systems by SIGG Strahltechnik are used in tool making for cleaning, roughening, smoothing or deburring. Best results are also achieved in surface condensing.

Blasting technology for the food processing industry

Production processes in the food industry are subject to particular demands for hygiene and efficiency. The processing of metal parts made from stainless steel is of largest importance.  Tarnished welding seams as well as rough surfaces delaying trouble-free serial processing are an absolute taboo.

SIGG Strahltechnik offers both systems for dry and wet blasting for all industries in its portfolio. The SIGG Strahltechnik portfolio’s product range extends from manual cabins for low quantities to tumblast and rotary basket systems for the surface treatment of bulk material. This offer is completed by rotary table and flow through systems for automated blasting as well as customized systems specifically designed for the requirements of diverse industries. You have questions around application possibilities in surface treatment with SIGG Strahltechnik, especially for your branch? Then do not hesitate to call or write us. We’ll be glad to advise you.


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