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Top quality also applies to customized models

Individual systems at the highest stage by SIGG Strahltechnik

For almost 60 years, innovative blasting technology has been the passion of SIGG. From conception to delivery and installation, SIGG Strahltechnik manufactures customized models and systems especially designed for the customer’s needs. Thus, our customers can always count on top quality. The label „Made in Germany” applies accordingly to customized models, developed and manufactured on the customer’s request by SIGG Strahltechnik. The made-to-measure customized models are based on either vapour or injector principle, or a combination of both.  

Customized models for extended needs of customers

Customized models can be based on injector blasting systems, vapour blasting systems, wet blasting systems, tumblast systems, rotary table systems, rotary basket systems or fine blasting systems to be adapted to the customer’s extended needs. SIGG Strahltechnik provides its entire knowhow in order to apply individualized blasting technology successfully. The in-house testing laboratory supports the development of customized models.

Testing laboratory supports planning

Depending on the surface properties desired and the system planned, the testing laboratory determines the adequate blasting abrasive, its grain size and processing parameters, such as blasting abrasive pressure, distance between blasting gun and workpiece, as well as the duration of the process. Customers can bring their workpiece samples to the testing laboratory and judge the results directly on site.

Test blasting for the perfect system

The testing laboratory is equipped with various systems and additional microscopes for visual control, as well as surface roughness testers for test blasting. The results are directly conveyed into the development of the adequate blasting technology of an individual customized machine. You have a special request of your own, looking for advice on a customized model adapted to your needs in order to apply the perfectly suitable blasting technology for you? Then call us or send us your mail. We’ll be at your disposal with our support and advice any time.

Customized systems - Products

Satellite system TR 110-72


Oval-round table rotary table system


Tumblast with automatic filling


Manual blasting cabinet with belt conveyor


Glass blasting cabinet


Flow-through system


Auto Drum-flow-through system with screening plant PGS 28

Automatic screening plant


Rotary table Cyclone bunker


Automatic rotary table system


Rotary table system