Complex machining for different industries

  • Instruments, devices and implants for dental technology
  • Smoothing and compacting
  • Different smooth and shiny surfaces for automotive

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Surface refinement by blasting for different industries

Polishing, satinating, roughing, smoothing and hardening

Different industries and products can profit from the options of surface refining by blasting. On the one hand, refining is about appearance. On the other hand, it is about the surface properties. Visual criteria play a role in product design. For example, the surfaces of watches and jewellery are blasted as well as metal belt buckles or the frames of glasses. Technical parts profit from surface refining by blasting as well: The smallest gears for clocks are deburred with care to make them interlock most precisely. SIGG Strahltechnik offers the matching systems and suitable blasting agent for all applications.

Instruments, devices and implants for dental technology

Surface refinement by blasting in the medical area is important for many applications. This specifically roughens up implants so that they can optimally grow into surrounding tissue. Blasting applies a matte finish to dental instruments to avoid annoying reflections or mirror effects during treatment.

Smoothing and compaction – value increase of the surface

In engineering, surface refining by blasting is less relevant for visual appearance, and more for functional reasons. Shot peening ensures a particularly smooth and compacted surface. The ceramic balls "hammer" on the surface without removing any material. This compacts the material to clearly increase the parts' service lives.

Particularly smooth and glossy: Blasting technology for automotive

The automotive industry is an important user of surface refinement by blasting. Blasting smoothens and polishes high-quality exposed surfaces – such as wheel rims, covers and decorative parts for the interior. The car body is also blasted before painting - to make the paint adhere particularly well and turn out most evenly.

We are your experienced partner for surface refining by blasting. We can find the right combination of blasting method, blasting system and blasting agent for any application. We will gladly advise you on your application and develop an efficient and economical solution for your blasting task. Call us directly at +49 (0)7741 808 93 0 or briefly describe your project in an email to

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