Blasting technology in medical technology

  • Blasting machines from SIGG for roughened, matt surfaces
  • Roughening, refining, levelling, matting, deburring, satin finishing, lapping, finishing and cleaning
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Blasting technology for scalpels, pliers, scissors and saws

Medical technology benefits from the quality of SIGG blasting systems

Medical technology products have one thing in common: They must show optimal surface properties. Those are obtained by means of SIGG blasting technology. Blasting systems by SIGG make a variety of processes possible, such as roughening, refining, equalizing, matting, deburring, calendering, lapping, finishing and cleaning. Scalpels, pliers, scissors, saws and endoscopes should have matt surfaces in order not to reflect surgical lights and subsequently not to blind the surgical staff. Work pieces in medical technology must also feature the smallest adherence possible as well as ergonomic handling.

Blasting technology for the medical technology industry

For around 60 years now, SIGG has been working on many facets in blasting technology for the medical technology industry. Nowadays, this processing technology is of ever more significance in the manufacturing of medical technology products. Aside from reproducible results and cost-effective deployment, the automated systems provide easy documentation of the manufacturing processes. The latter is of particular importance in the manufacturing of medical technology products.

Blasting systems by SIGG for roughened surfaces

Medical practice has shown that roughened surfaces can evoke desirable tissue reactions:  Blasted shafts of joint implants grow better into the surrounding body tissue. Similar behavior can be observed in dental implants and stents. Herein, the manufacturers apply various blasting abrasives and blasting methods.

Quality “Made in Germany” by SIGG Strahltechnik

Medical technology requires top quality. For this reason SIGG Strahltechnik focuses on quality labeled with „‚Made in Germany“. From the smallest standard machine up to the large customized system, all customers in the medical technology industry receive the same premium quality – including blasting abrasives.  You have questions regarding the applications to be realized in medical technology with blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik? Then we look forward to your call or your mail.


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