Dry blasting systems, based on the vapour blasting principle

  • Differently wide vapour blasting systems (800 mm – 1400 mm) available
  • Optionally available with a side channel blower or a platform
  • Vapour blasting systems also for large pieces

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Targeted workpiece processing by vapour blasting principle

Dry blasting for optimal results

Dry blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik, based on the vapour blasting principle, are intended for targeted workpiece processing. The differently wide vapour blasting systems (800 mm – 1400 mm) are optionally available with a side channel blower or a platform.

Vapour blasting systems also for large pieces

These are also intended for the processing of large workpieces. Even most complicated constructs not suitable for blasting wheels may obtain a perfect surface. Due to the vapour blasting principle they can be processed easily and well. The vapour blasting principle’s benefit: Both wet and dry blasting is possible.

Vapour blasting principle for commercial blasting abrasives

Within the vapour blasting principle, the commercial blasting abrasive located in the pressure vessel is conveyed to the pistol nozzle by compressed air and blasted onto the workpiece. Situated at the bottom of the vessel hopper is the chamber used for adjusting the blasting abrasive compressed-air mixture. The blasting abrasive in the sealed vessel is added to the compressed-air stream and consequently accelerates within the blasting hose. The overpressure in the vessel is the same as in the compressed-air line and therefore the blasting abrasive can be interspersed without any counter pressure.

Remarkable area output by vapour blasting principle

The acceleration path of the blasting material equals the length of the blasting hose, thus, several meters long. This results in a muzzle velocity of ca. 40m/sec., so that with the use of a pressure machine remarkable area outputs can be achieved. Would you like to learn more about the options with vapour blasting, vapour blasting systems and dry blasting? Then we look forward to your call or your mail.

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