Smooth necks for implants

Dental technology benefits from SIGG’s experience and knowhow

They look like dowels made of metal and serve as artificial tooth root: Dental implants. They consist of the implant body embedded in the jawbone and the neck part on which the crown is mounted.  Implants must be incorporated by the jawbones and grow in firmly to withstand the exposure to chewing. The implant material must be biocompatible in order to prevent immune responses. The remarkably smooth neck parts form the zone where the implant emerges from the gums. This is of significant importance for the close fit of an implant.

Smooth surfaces for optimal healing

Otherwise, bacteria may enter the jawbone and provoke infections. A smooth surface facilitates cleaning additionally. Most implants are produced from pure titanium or titanium alloys, as this material provokes the least immune responses. In order to give implants the appropriate surface properties required for optimal healing, they need to be blasted. SIGG Strahltechnik offers blasting systems that ensure the required level of processing.

Technology solutions for implants

For around 60 years now, SIGG has been supplying numerous companies in the medical technology industry and has therefore built up a high level of expertise. The automated systems submit, aside from reproducible results and comparatively cost-effective application, also an easy documentation of the production processes. This is of high importance in the production of implants as well. In blasting of implants, mostly aluminum oxide is applied with the result of facilitating the micromechanical anchoring between implant and bone. SIGG Strahltechnik delivers this particular blasting abrasive as well as others in the required top quality. You have questions around the blasting systems presenting themselves for medical technology or your desired surface?  Then we look forward to your call or your mail.


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