Individual blasting system

  • Testing laboratory supports planning
  • Your individual blasting system is delivered precisely as needed
  • Installation and training of your employees

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An individual blasting system improves processes and optimises quality.

The individual blasting system adjusts to your requirements.

Blasting applications are available in many different designs and for many different purposes. To plan an individual blasting system, it is therefore relevant to describe a precise task in the first step. The following questions are relevant for this: 

• What parts are to be blasted (bulk goods, small parts, asymmetrical parts, hollow bodies...)?
• What materials are the parts made of?
• What piece numbers should the individual blasting system achieve?
• Which application is planned (e.g. removal, deburring, derusting, detindering, smoothing, polishing, matting...)?
• Should the individual blasting system be automated?
• In which location is the individual blasting system planned (connections, size of the standing surface, production line...)?
• Are the parts to be blasted different ones or will there be larger series with the same parts?

Together with the project officers from your company, our specialists will advise you regarding the proper blasting procedure, the matching blasting system and selection of the blasting agent. When all components are coordinated with each other, the individual blasting system can achieve its best results. For the blasted parts to meet your quality claims, we test sample parts in our labs beforehand. We can determine all parameters that are decisive for use of the blasting system in advance.


Your individual blasting system is delivered precisely as needed.

We produce your individual blasting system in our factory so as to fit your blasting system's site precisely. Of course, we deliver the system and install it right on site. Training for your employees is included as well: Your production staff can then professionally equip the system, supervise it and top up blasting agents. The instruction for exchange of wear parts is included in the instruction as well.


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