Efficient blasting of bulk material in batch operation

Smallest components of large technologies with top surfaces

Bolts, nuts, valves, gears or other small components need to allow precise insertion, optimal gripping, transport or regulation. This is only possible when they have been optimally deburred and their surfaces have been processed professionally. All these small components of large technologies are summarized as „bulk material“. Bulk material, for example, is processed in tumblast systems by SIGG Strahltechnik. This equally efficient and proven technology provides maximum efficiency, due to its high throughput of blasting abrasives and the large processing quantity being processed consistently in the system. The batch operation provided by tumblast systems is of significant advantage, as it ensures a high throughput during the processing of bulk material for engineering and tool making.

Bulk material touches one another uncomplicatedly

During the blasting process with bulk material, the touch of the components amongst each other is unproblematic and does not affect their surface quality negatively. The small components are mostly compact and about the same size in length, width and height. Also workpieces of different dimensions and deviating side ratios are possibly considered suitable as bulk material. In case of doubt, SIGG Strahltechnik’s testing laboratory will provide clarification. This is where blasting technology and blasting abrasives will be optimally coordinated and finally parameters such as component weight and hardness will be taken into account in the assessment.

Loose nuts and bolts

In tumblast systems by SIGG Strahltechnik, the loosely loaded small components are transported consistently through the system and may be cleaned, descaled, roughened, matted, deburred, refined, satin-finished and lapped with all commercially available blasting abrasives. Hereby, the bulk material is in constant circulation. Whether bolts or punched parts – the systems will blast most diverse bulk material for rotational speed as well as blasting period may be adjusted variably. You have questions around the blasting of bulk material with tumblast systems by SIGG Strahltechnik? Then give us a call or write us.

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