Blasting corundum

  • For cleaning, descaling, derusting and roughening of steel, glass, wood or plastic
  • Robust abrasive
  • Non-silicogenic

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Blasting carborundum is a robust blasting abrasive

Blasting carborundum is derived from bauxite

Blasting carborundum is used for cleaning, descaling and roughening of steel, glass, wood, or plastic. Blasting carborundum is an iron-free mineral blasting abrasive, especially designed for an optimal, chemically neutral surface treatment.

Blasting carborundum for dry and wet blasting

Blasting carborundum may be used as blasting abrasive in all injector blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik, both for dry and wet blasting. Blasting carborundum is derived from high-quality bauxite. Its effect depends on its particle size. Blasting carborundum is suitable for cleaning steel or gray cast iron as well as descaling stainless steel. It is also used for wood and plastics processing. Even though it is of mineral character, blasting carborundum is not silicogenic. You have questions about blasting carborundum and would like to know which blasting technique it is suitable for. Then give us a call or write us. We look forward to advise you.

Article overview for Blasting carborundum

The following sieving versions are currently available from stock:

Art. No.Description
100389 Blasting carborundum0,06 - 0,12
100390 Blasting carborundum0,12 - 0,25
100448 Blasting carborundum0,25 - 0,50
100392 Blasting carborundum0,50 - 1,00
102318 Blasting carborundum0,80 - 1,20
100393 Blasting carborundum1,00 - 2,00
101030 Blasting carborundum180
100924 Blasting carborundum220


Standard or default quantity is 25kg. Please note that for smaller orders, a minimum quantity surcharge of 10 Euro will be added.
Prices upon request.
Other sizes and designs available on request.


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