Blasting systems for deburr blasting

  • Reliable systems for your surface processing
  • Deburring of the smallest parts
  • High-quality products for medical technology

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Blasting systems for clean and precise deburr blasting

We manufacture reliable systems for your surface finishing tasks

With blasting systems from Sigg, the deburr blasting of even tiny components is carried out efficiently and reliably. As experts in surface finishing, we known that every millimetre counts when it comes to deburr blasting. Customers from the field of medical technology especially rely on the fact that our blasting systems deliver maximum precision when it comes to deburr blasting.

Call us if you need blasting systems for deburr blasting. We have a wide standard range of blasting systems that are "Made in Germany" for a variety of requirements, or we can create special systems on request that are tailored to your needs. You can call us on +49 (0) 7741 808 93 0 or send us an e-mail at info(at)sigg-strahltechnik(dot)de.

High-quality products for medical technology

An example: Modern blasting systems from Sigg are used to deburr blast stents. In this application, quality requirements are exceptionally high since the tiny mesh tubes made from various metals or polymers are inserted into blood vessels and burrs could cause tiny injuries. These micro-injuries encourage inflammatory processes within the body and prevent the problem-free integration of stents. Stents are cut using a laser and ultra-fine tubes to create the required mesh structure. During the process, ultra-fine burrs are created which are removed with deburr blasting on our blasting systems. After the deburr blasting, the stents are cleaned and disinfected with selected fluids and are then ready for use. Polymer stents can also be processed in this way. Polymer stents are used when support for the vessel is not needed permanently, and the material gradually dissolves in the body.

You'll find blasting systems for deburr blasting here! We manufacture all blasting systems in our own workshops at our plant in Lauchringen. Through the perfect integration of blasting systems, blasting technology and blasting media, we can also solve your deburr blasting challenges. Of course, we also provide fully automated systems for the especially cost-effective production of larger volumes. You can call us on +49 (0) 7741 808 93 0 or send us an e-mail at info(at)sigg-strahltechnik(dot)de.

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