SIGG has been proving blasting performance for around 60 years

Michael and Jürgen Bächle are the new managing directors

For around 60 years SIGG Strahltechnik, with its headquarters in Lauchringen, Baden-Württemberg, situated close to the Rhine Falls of Schaffhausen, has been proving constant blasting performance. The company, founded in 1956 by Herbert Sigg, is dedicated to the manufacturing of blasting technology systems and superfinishing vibrators. Besides the standard systems produced in series, the company also designs and manufactures customized systems and models of any shape and size. In-house commission blasting makes workpiece blasting on the customer‘s request possible.

New generation: Sigg hands over to Toggenburger 

After about 45 years, in 2002, Herbert Sigg handed the management over to his daughter, Retinya Sigg-Toggenburger and her husband, Hans-Ruedi Toggenburger. In February 2014 the company was sold to the long-term business partners Michael und Jürgen Bächle, who since then have been directing the business as owners. As consultant, Hans-Ruedi Toggenburger supports the Bächle brothers in further developing of the company.

Production is pooled in Lauchringen

In 2014 the production has been shifted from Jestetten to Lauchringen to improve the production-time-management. In 2016 the company administration also shiftet to Lauchringen, so that the place of business is concentrated again in Lauchringen. From the start SIGG Strahltechnik has been cooperating with Bächle, a metal construction company manufacturing on behalf of SIGG blanks both for blasting systems and superfinishing vibrators. Thus, Jürgen Bächle and Michael Bächle combine many years of experience with a high degree of specialist skill and know-how in the blasting technology sector.

Michael Bächle manages the production facility

The available machines and systems are subject to continuous improvement and individual solutions are developed and manufactured in close cooperation with the customers. Under the leadership of Michael Bächle, in-house design and manufacturing enable SIGG to accommodate specific customer requirements and also to develop and manufacture customized systems in all size ranges and types.

Jürgen Bächle is managing business director

The company’s headquarter in Lauchringen is the central hub of the financial management with Jürgen Bächle at its head. The production, sales, commission blasting, spare parts depot and the testing laboratory are combined under one roof. Here, also the brand „SIGG Strahltechnik” is continually refined and led towards a successful future under the quality claim „Made in Germany“. Would you like to learn more about the history and development of SIGG Strahltechnik, or the era of Toggenburger and the managing partners Michael and Jürgen Bächle? Then give us a call or write us, our time is yours.

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