Surfaces for a glamorous appearance

  • Blasting technology for a light paint job
  • Delicate deburring of turbocharger wheels
  • Surface treatment of car rims

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Numerous applications in the automotive industry

Radiant surfaces thanks to SIGG Strahltechnik

There are numerous workpieces in the automotive industry requiring perfect surfaces. The tasks there are as versatile as the processing possibilities with blasting systems by SIGG. Turbocharger wheels, for example, often show gypsum residues after the separation from the casting tree and need deburring before any further processing. The decreasing thickness of the rim metal poses a particular challenge in order to increase the velocity. During the blasting process it is therefore important to avoid dents in the surface which again requires a sensitive setting of the blasting pressure as well as the right choice of the blasting material. The surface treatment of car rims represents a typical application field.

Blasting technology for a perfect lacquer finish

The lacquer finish of a car should not only please the owner’s eye, but also serve the coating’s durability and prevent rusting. The subsurface requires smooth properties in order to achieve a smooth final surface for a radiant appearance of a car. Thus, alloyed metal is processed with blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik to obtain high-quality surface treatment.  

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Automotive industry values blasting technology by SIGG

Companies in the automotive sector often blast their casting parts, such as top parts for engine blocks made from aluminum cast or cylinder head covers, by means of balls made from stainless materials. These reliable blasting materials compress and matt surfaces. A solid foundation for a high-professional lacquer finish such as this, also car doors will obtain when being processed with blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik.  If rust needs to be removed, blasting with nutshell granulate is the perfect choice. Even microscopic rust spots will be eliminated in this process.  

Application-try out in the test laboratory

Those who are not sure whether a workpiece in the automotive sector can be processed with blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik will find responses in the SIGG in-house test laboratory. This is where blasting processes and materials can be tried out in order to compile an individual solution for the processing of surfaces in the automotive industry. You have questions in regards to the application possibilities in the automotive industries and the blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik? Then give us a call or write us. We look forward to advise you.


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