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Perfect surfaces for a brilliant lacquer finish

Lacquer finishing of plastic or metal parts is a lived daily routine in the automotive industry. A protective and attractive lacquer finish that is also as robust and resistant as possible makes professional pretreatment, as ensured with blasting systems by SIGG Strahltechnik, indispensable. With these systems, workpieces from the automotive production may be perfectly cleaned, smoothed, deburred and condensed for lacquer finishing. By doing without, lacquer layers would be uneven and not very durable, as dirt causes minimal gaps beneath the lacquer, weakening even the most beautiful lacquer layer at this spot and, sooner or later, resulting in undesired flaking.

Technology as multifaceted as a color palette

The pretreatment of plastic and metal parts for the automotive industry is therefore obligatory. The options for these pretreatments are almost as multifaceted as a color palette. The parameters to achieve optimal surface results consist of the workpiece’s material, its characteristics and size. This will not only determine the adequate blasting technology but also the type of blasting abrasive. SIGG Strahltechnik keeps all relevant blasting abrasives of superior quality in stock.

SIGG – For a lacquer finish far more than a feast for the eye

Various types of blasting abrasives may be applied. With injector blasting systems by SIGG, for example, workpieces are cleaned to obtain a uniform structure. Even paint or rust can be removed easily with this blasting procedure. In order to achieve a lacquer finish that is far more than a feast for the eye, blasting technology as well as blasting abrasives may be tried out in SIGG’s testing laboratory. The SIGG team’s technical consulting comprises 60 years of expertise and the quality demand “Made in Germany”. Which workpiece would you like to lacquer? SIGG’s offer ranges from single pieces to automated technology solutions also integrable into production lines. You have questions around the preparations for lacquer finishes with blasting technology by SIGG? Then give us a call or write us.

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