High-quality blasting agents

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High-quality agents ensure product quality

Efficient blasting processes by use of the right medium

Selection of the proper blasting agent cannot be generally made based on a material and substance table. Our daily practice has taught us that high-quality blasting agents will lead to the best results when the entire blasting process has been carefully coordinated. Even if we always use the same material for a part, the blasting agent may differ based on task or quality level. Our many years of experience usually lead to the proper medium speedily. Sample blasting in our test systems clearly shows which high-quality blasting agent leads to the best results.


Why use high-quality blasting agents?

What does "high-quality blasting agents" actually mean? On the one hand, it is about purity. Even small additions or contaminations will falsify the blasting result or, in the worst case, cause damage to the parts. High-quality blasting agents can be used several times depending on procedure and thus contribute to efficient material use. Glass, ceramics, plastics or steel the more specific the properties of the blasting agent, the more important is its purity. High-quality blasting agents offer another advantage: the grain or bead sizes are within a small tolerance range. This improves the quality of the blasting process, and the blasting results remain on a consistently high level. 

High-quality blasting agents in SIGG Premium quality 

We value premium quality in our blasting agents. No matter if metal, mineral or organic basic materials are used the grains and screenings of SIGG meet the highest demands. We will gladly advise you on which blasting medium is the right choice for your application and will blast sample parts for you in our test systems. Blasting medium, blasting procedure, system and workpiece should always be optimally aligned with each other - to give you convincing results. Talk to us - use our many years of experience. You can call us at +49 (0)7741 808 93 0. You can also email us at info@sigg-strahltechnik.de.

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