Blasting abrasive consisting of broken, cleaned and sifted nutshells

Drying or gentle blasting with Lignoblast (nutshells)

Nutshell granulate (Lignoblast) is an organic blasting abrasive consisting of broken, cleaned and sifted walnut shells. These granulates made from natural raw materials represent a blasting abrasive for gentle cleaning and deburring of plastic injection parts or turned parts made of brass and aluminum. It is frequently applied in the medical technology, electronics and automotive construction. SIGG Strahltechnik distributes nutshells (Lignoblast) in batches from 25 kilos.

Surfaces are not damaged

Nutshells (Lignoblast) deburr the objects to be blasted without causing any damages to the surfaces due to their high degree of impact velocity. As this type of blasting abrasive can be applied repeatedly, it is mainly used for surface treatments, where the basic material should not be removed. You have questions related to the nutshell (Lignoblast) blasting abrasives? Then let us know. We’ll be glad to advise you. Feel free to give us a call or write us.

Article overview for Nutshells (Lignoblast)

The following sieving versions are currently available from stock:

Art. No.Description 
101480Nutshells (Lignoblast)yellow 6/12200-450 my
104960Nutshells (Lignoblast)orange 4/6450-800 my
100421 Nutshells (Lignoblast)white 3/6450-1000 my
104673Nutshells (Lignoblast)red 12/31000-1700 my
100423Nutshells (Lignoblast)blue 16/101700-2400 my


Standard or default quantity is 25kg. Please note that for smaller orders, a minimum quantity surcharge of 10 Euro will be added.
Prices upon request.
Other sizes and designs available on request.


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