The roughening of workpieces cleans the surface and improves adhesion properties

Mechanical roughening - efficient and automated thanks to blast systems

The surface of a workpiece is crucial for its further processing. Is the surface clean, or are there traces of earlier processing stages? Does the surface already offer the properties needed for the rest of the production process? Surfaces can be roughened for a variety of reasons. Not only are the look and feel of the workpiece important, but in industrial production it is the physical properties of the surface that are key. The adhesion of liquid materials is better after roughening than on a smooth surface. As a result, roughening is a preparation step for coating, painting or bonding workpieces.

Roughening in the blast system - two steps in one

There are two ways of roughening the surface of a workpiece. One option involves chemical processes, through which the loosening and washing-away of surface particles creates roughness. The other option involves mechanical roughening in a blast system. Unlike chemical roughening, which involves increased amounts of material and labour, the blast system offers an additional advantage. Even workpieces that are yet to be deburred, descaled or cleaned can be roughened up at the same time.

The material, blast agent and pressure must match.

The interaction of the material, blast agent and pressure is crucial for an ideal result. SIGG Strahltechnik has its own laboratory to test the ideal process for every customer and every material - right down to the degree of roughness that exactly matches the desired s professionals and allow us to advise you. Together, we will create perfectly roughened surfaces for bonding, painting or coating.

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