Blasting large and long work pieces efficiently

Best blasting technology on the satellite plater


The rotary table blasting system KA 6/3 by SIGG Strahltechnik is the right choice for processing large quantities of identical work pieces. This innovative system was designed for automated blasting at a constantly high level of quality. The key element of rotary table blasting systems is the rotating indexing table with the six attached rotating satellite plates, on which the work pieces to be blasted have been placed. As standard, the three blasting guns of the rotary table system KA 6/3 are equipped with ceramic nozzles. Together with the work pieces, which can reach up to 120 mm in diameter and up to 350 mm in height, they are mounted onto the satellite plate and blasted automatically. Afterwards they are cleaned in a separate chamber and shifted back to the mounting position where they can be removed. 

Your benefits:

  • Automatic blasting
  • Easy mounting
  • Simultaneous processing of various parts
  • Easily adjustable blasting guns
  • Viewing window in blasting chamber
  • Separate dust collector
  • Easy handling



In the blasting area, at the control station, in the entrance area, in the blow-off chamber Rotational 

Rotational movement:

Infinitely adjustable. Systems for the processing of larger work pieces are additionally supported by a lifting movement, in order to achieve a beautiful, smooth surface throughout the work piece



Ceramic nozzles, optionally hard metal nozzles made of Borcarbid

Mounting cases:

Individually produced, mountable to satellite plates, easily exchangeable 

Lifting device:

Optionally pneumatic or electric




Control cabinet:

All electrical equipment required is installed


Dust separator:

With cartridge filter



Abrasive storage bunker, impact separator, screening plant


Steel, optionally stainless steel (V2A) 


Lateral wing doors 


Viewing window:

In wing door, movable protective cover

Technical data

Rotary table systems KA 6/3 

Outer dimensions:





740 mm + 350 mm for satellite drive

1000 mm + 300 mm for air vent

2100 mm 


ca. 550 kg


6 satellites, 3 blasting guns

Power connection:

3x 400V AC/16A/50Hz/0,1kW

Air connection:

3/4“ G

Air requirement:

6 mm nozzle, ca. 300 l/min at 5 bar pressure 

8 mm nozzle, ca. 500 l/min at 5 bar pressure
















Download technical datasheet rotary table blasting system KA 6/3 as PDF

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